Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Teeny Tiny Zakka Pen Case

This "pencil" case was the bane of my existence. Let's just say in addition to giving me a throbbing headache, I got better acquainted with my seam ripper then ever before. Lucky.

But, I'd vowed come hell or high-water to get it done before the deadline and here, at 10:30 PM Sunday night I've got it made.

The word I've heard most often about this design is "clever" and I wish I could use it too, but I was so turned around that by the time the case actually worked I couldn't tell you what I'd done to get myself there. Normally this would be my cue to make two or three more until I know it so well I can make one without instructions but I think I'm going to pass.

 It's cute and will corral my pens in my purse nicely but it's just too tiny to have much use beyond that. See, these are my embroidery scissors. It's itty bitty.

Let's not even mention pencils...

Onward to next (this?) Zakka Style Sew A Long week's project :-)

Update: The deadline was 11:59 PM EST and we're Mountain...GAH... I missed it. Oh well, I have a rocking pen case to console me.

P.S. If you want to make your own (even just to prove what an incompetent fool I am at this whole sewing gig) there is a TERRIFIC tutorial over at one of the other participants blog. CLICK HERE to visit  I Finally Have Time.

P.S.S. Thanks to my wonderful MIL for the fabric scraps. I told you I'd use them *wink*

P.P.S.S. Thanks to my awesome husband for getting me through the fold and flip steps. I know I'm not the most fun when I'm tearing my hair out.


Danielle Weiss-Raichel said...

I had the same freaking thing happen to me! I had to rip the thing apart at least 4 times! I finally gave up and thought my case was too "cute" to just try all over again from scratch. So I bound the sides together with a whip stitch and embroidery thread. lets just say..this will be in a drawer...

Carmen said...

Blimey it really is titchy tiny! You are a better woman than I - think I would have given up on it!

Zakka Life said...

Love the zakka pen case, so cute.