Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scrape that paint: Tags!

Just a quick pop-in to say hello!

I always scrape leftover paint, empty my brushes or flip over stencils onto manilla tags or into gessoed but  unused journal pages. While it doesn't look like it will ever amount to anything; in fact it goes a long way to creating the layers of color and texture - totally serendipitously - that we all love. 

And the cost to you is near nil.

When I stamp, I usually stamp an entire sheet of images and color them as needed, or all at once if it suits my mood. When the need for a gift tag arose, I grabbed a 'decorated' tag, a pre-colored stamped image and all I needed to add was some appropriate text.

My Stories from Shakespeare for Children book is perfect for interesting sentiments.

While the glue was drying I tied some hand-dyed seam binding through the top and it was ready to attach to a parcel.

For me, having painted tags, colored stamped images and seam binding on hand means I can get a gift or card together in no time at all.

Stamp Used: Stampotique's Uncle Buck (ROFLMBO)


Carmen said...

I do that into my journal! :D Same with my stencils, I flip them over and smoodge the excess paint (negative side?) into my journal. Waste not, want not my Mum always used to say! ;)

Great... nope, brilliant idea to do it with tags too! And you know I'm loving your Shakespeare quotes :)

Claudette said...

Enjoyed catching up on your site, very inspiring as always.

I need to get busy creating again been on hiatus to long. However, I did take a class in Arizona that I just posted my work on my blog. Check it out.....