Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Graffiti Canvas - Monster Love

I know I don’t stand a chance but I’m going to like you anyway.

This is my project for Michelle Kral's Life Book 2013 class

We were supposed to make a cool pop-up, card-like thing but I didn't have any large paper. So I went and cleaned my basement instead and found an old, forgotten canvas. It was painted peachy-tangerine - AWFUL!

So I spray-painted it. A lot! Using lots of fun Artistcellar stencils.

And then went to work making my creature.

Here are some close -ups:

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Lori W said...

This turned out FABULOUS, Nicole! I love it!!

Laura said...

This is even better here on your blog- I love the close ups. I need to get me some spray paints. I ended up using fabric sprays suggested by Traci Bautista because I had a nice flourescent pink. But I love the way the spray paints look. This lesson just blew me away. I feel like it opened a new world. Thanks for sharing your w.i.p pics. Love your monster. Oh, and I forgot to say- that tail is genius. xoxo

Carmen said...

Oh Nicole. Can monsters be beautiful? I love him. This. And everything about it :-)

Carmen said...
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Jane Wetzel said...

hey! this is AWESOME! LOVE your monster!

Sparkly Engineer said...

The depth and layers on this are amazing

Gez Butterworth said...

STUNNING Nicole ♥♥