Thursday, March 14, 2013

That I Could Clamber to the Frozen Moon

That I could clamber to the frozen moon

And draw the ladder after me.

Please click to see this larger. There are a lot of details that really don't show up in so small an image :-)

This is the background I made:

And here are some close-ups:

And here are the canvases and the finished works

As I'm sure you've heard. My precious Google Reader is going away in July. *POUT*
While I'm waiting for Digg to build me a lovely new RSS reader, I'm going to be using Bloglovin as it seems to be where a great deal of bloggers are heading for a "follow" button.

I personally don't like it all that much but it's going to have to due in the interim. FWIW, I don't like Feedly either. Apparently I'm the I-DON'T-LIKE-IT girl.

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Carmen said...

Is this as big as the other one? Really loving seeing these. The colours, the words - everything :-)