Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Marie: Painting in Stages

This is a painting that I've been working on as I'm trying to transition my style from somewhat realistic to more figurative and expressive. I'm terribly excited about getting her to look how I imagined in my head.

I'm not going to write much more as I hope the feeling, expression and the time in Marie Antoinette's life comes through from the art as opposed to just me jabbering about it :-)

I took pictures of each stage and am quite surprised how sharp a turn it took between picture three and picture four. As you can see, my starting point was the dimensional paste hair. Don't you just love that stuff? It adds so much to a piece!

Thanks so much for visiting :-)

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Corrie Herriman said...

I think she is wonderful, love the textured hair !
Great painting !
Corrie x

Carmen said...

I love, love, love stage by stage shots, it's so surprising, like you say,the changes that happen :) Am smiling this end because Marie always makes me think of Dr Who... And I just did a (very vague) Dr Who reference in my new post!

Really love all her texture... Are you done with the faceless figures for a bit?