Thursday, November 21, 2013

Motivational Beaded Spoons

Years ago I read the Spoon Theory and thought it was an excellent metaphor to explain what life is like dealing with chronic pain and managing your energy and abilities for any given day.

That inspired me to make some decorated spoons to give to loved ones as a friendly 'extra spoon' for days when they needed one.


And then I was hooked. Suddenly spoons didn't just seem to be something to give to 'Spoonies' but to anyone who needed a little inspirational reminder. 

Something you could hang in a window, in your car, on the tree… and read the message on it whenever you needed encouragement.

The more I thought about spoons, the more it became clear that spoons are one of our first memories of nourishment and of being cared for.

I hope you enjoy these spoons and you pass one on to those you care about.


1 comment:

Carmen said...

I love the idea behind your spoons, they're gorgeous :)