Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dark Circus Bust - Acrylic on MDF

I've been working on learning to paint more expressively.

Trying to evoke a mood, a feeling, a bit of a story with my imperfect strokes. 

This is the first project that (in my mind) is finally in the direction I'm aiming for. 

And for the first time I'm starting to see the fruit of the agreement I made with myself to swear off design teams,  commissions, to limit my blog reading/Pinterest etc. and focus on working towards the style my muse is craving. 

And she makes me ridiculously happy. 


Denise Spillane said...

Love this, so cool!

Carmen said...

I can appreciate everything you have said here Nicole. It's paid off - she's amazing!

Penny said...

You, my dear, are such a wonderful artist! I love this image you created! Love the drama and colors! :^)
Hugs, Penny