Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dino-Gal: Mixed-Media Assemblage

Dinosaur Gal Won't You Come Out Tonight and Dance by the Light of the Moon

This lovely lady is a demure dinosaur heading out for her first fancy dress ball. 

While all is lovely and idyllic, darkness seeps out of each dripping petal in her bouquet.

She raises her hand to her head in confusion... what is happening here?


Remember these:

Might have appeared a bit psycho when I was on my beheading-the-figurines spree but now she's positively demure.

Dino-Gal is complete and I'm completely smitten. 

Lots of dimensional paste, acrylics and varnish totally transformed the piece.

I painted the wooden base with several layers (some wet on wet, some later once it had dried) of Golden acrylic paint and added three coats of varnish for some shine.

And I made a quick video so you can see her from all sides. 

Do you ever indulge in this kind of creative play?


Dagmar said...

Oh wow - so cool - fantastic!!!!!

Penny said...

Hilarious! Love the transformation! :^)
And, no, I am not that creative!
Hugs, Penny

Carmen said...

Smitten indeed! As am I! Oh I love her - I cannot wait to see the rest of this series.

I am indulging in a kind of similar play but it's a My Little Pony being slathered in clay.

I tell you what though Nicole, for my application process for uni I have to build a portfolio. I may have to have a go at one of these or your skully people and cite you as my artist I was inspired by. Would you mind that? You are a contemporary artiste that I admire after all :)

My name is Erika. said...

These are riot. Kind of like some Dr. Who characters. I lvoe them!