Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cute Stocking Stuffers

I love finding a cute project that meets a real need I have. Seriously, love it!

My boys are really into hand sewing right now. They keep making the cutest toys and having a blast doing it. I'd share pictures but they're never done, as an artsy person myself I know the feeling.

The down side of this creativity is keeping an eye on the needles and thread they have lying about. Right now they carry around a magnetic pin tray but there is only one tray and two boys. Plus it's unwieldily and huge.

In this weeks Cloth, Paper Scissors there was a tutorial for itty, bitty bottle cap pin cushions and I had to try one.

I made two in under fifteen minutes, on strong meds with shaking hands. These are SO easy. I could see making a dozen of these for gifts.

The basic instructions:

* Take a 2-2.5 inch circle of fabric and whip stitch around the edge. Pull closed (into a puff) and knot off leaving a little space to add stuffing.

* Stuff with fiber fill fluffy stuff (I know, I'm no expert at this). I used one of my BG mini files to pack it in tight. Don't worry if fluff is showing at the bottom. It'll be glued in to the bottlecap.

* Take 4 inches of elastic cord and tie the ends. Trim off excess. Put a lot of glue in a bottle cap, stick knotted end of cord in glue and then plop the cushion on top. Check to make sure no fabric edges are hanging out. Hold between thumb and finger for a couple of minutes.

* Let dry.

My boys haven't put their "rings" down all morning. They just love them.

In other news, I'm hatching a plan. A plan so user friendly I can do it while I heal. Hopefully it'll catch your fancy too.

Will post my Daily December and more later. Just had to show the cutie cushions.

Love to you all :-)


Dunx said...

Those pin cushions are brilliant! Definitely a nice gift idea.

Looking forward to hearing your plan.

Hope said...

These are fantastic! I need to pick up that issue of CPS!

Juls said...

what a great idea and so well made, gorgeous! I love them!!

Lain said...


Maggi said...

I love this idea!!!

Carmen said...

LOVE them! I'm very intrigued as to your idea :)

Angela said...

These are cute. What a great idea.

Maren said...

So cute!!! Thank you so much for sharing this brilliant idea! :)
-Maren Benedict
Paper Crafts Go-to Gal

Tiff said...

Can't believe I forgot to comment on this back when you first published them!!! LOVE THESE!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Love your stocking stuffers! Very clever!

Mary C. said...

Since I don't have any bottle caps, I am thinking I could use a giant button, which I just happen to have a few of. What a fantastic idea. Genius!