Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vegan Sausages - You Bet!

Sometimes I think we're "bad" vegans. I mean really, aren't we supposed to barely survive on a diet of lettuce and raw almonds? But instead, in our house, we eat tiramisu, stroganoff and mocha muffins - yum.

The last thing I ever imagined making a vegan version of was sausage. I assumed meat was a critical ingredient in sausage but it turns out, as is often the case in vegan assumptions, I was very, very wrong. Lucky me.

This is what we had for dinner:

Vegan Sausage Pasta

The official recipe is in (the incredible) Isa Chander Moskowitz's new book Vegan Brunch, but you can find a similar recipe on Vegan Dad's Blog. I can't say how they stack up against the fake meat in the freezer aisle as we've never tried those (have you seen the list of ingredients? Ew!) but according to my very omnivorous teenager they are his favorite sausages ever.

I'm going to surprise him and make maple and sage breakfast sausages fried in margarine and maple syrup. I think his head might explode from joy.

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Carmen said...

Having tried nearly all the frozen veggie sausages going I think I may have to try these. So far I can eat Linda McCartney ones though not as sausages - I defrost and mash them down to make rissolles (sausage 'meat', onions, pinch of herbs and an (optional)egg to bind formed into burgers, rolled in flour and fried! Ummmmm.) Or the Quorn ones but they have to be in some kind of accompanying sauce or casserole as they are a bit tasteless but are lovely in that sort of thing.

Will be checking those links out. You know what Nicole - I think I'm going to need to compile a recipe book just from your blog alone ;)