Thursday, December 24, 2009


Benjamin is the sweetest baby I know. His smile and good nature cause people to flock to him - me included.

On a recent trip to New York, Benjamin was riding the subway on Halloween and an elderly lady pressed a dollar bill into his chubby little fist. Benjamin held on tight and his mom and dad asked me if I could find a nice way to preserve and display that dollar.

The last money project I did was the "In Case of Emergency Break Glass" frame and I wanted this project to be more charming and worthy of the adorable subject. I found an AOL box (love those, hope millions are still circulating and en route to my alter bag) and covered it with pics of the baby and made a rosette with the dollar.

Sorry the pics are sub-par. It was dark when I finished and I wanted to give it to our precious friends right away.

Merry Christmas, Everyone :-)


Sassy Pam said...

What a super cute baby and super fab project!

Unknown said...

What a great gift!

Carmen said...

What a beautiful project. This is gorgeous Nicole.

Treacle said...

Cutest baby ever!

CathyR said...

Benjamin is a cutie. What a great way to preserve the dollar.

Amy Wing said...

Gorgeous! I love those boxes, too, but I must admit, you have made much better use of yours than I have of mine. :)