Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kit-Kat Bars and Gardening

 These inaccurately-named ( they really don't taste a bit like Kit-Kats) bars are the most amazing, addictive, dangerously caloric thing I've tasted in years. I've decided they are too good to have in my recipe book so I'm adding them to my special Christmas Baking list. Layers of crackers and toffee boiled with graham crumbs (I know!) topped with chocolate, butterscotch and peanut butter chips. Wowza!

I found the recipe at Cookies and Cups, she did a great job breaking down the steps.

In gardening news, I think Mother Nature has us beat. I was deceived by all the glorious seventy degree weather and planted my square foot gardens. Not three days later the snow, that had been conspicuously missing all winter, decided to arrive... and it's snowed, and snowed, and snowed, for days now, without much pause. Fortunately I have one spare tomato I kept inside and some of the hardier plants are still alive. The basil, peas and tomatoes though are wholly dead.

Want to see?

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Meg said...

Oh, your poor plants. I bet you are super ticked at mother nature right now. I hope for you that the snow melts soon and will not return again this season!

Carmen said...

That cake bar looks LUSH! I'm not clicking through to the recipe just yet, I'm not! (I may when I am a few more lbs down though ;P)

Ooh that video made me shiver just looking at it!

Mima said...

I lost my basil to a light frost the very day I planted it, so I can understand it wouldn't have liked the snow much!! Hope that more has survived than you think, and that the snow stops soon!

Anonymous said...

I've had those bars before but we didn't call them kit-kat bars. They are pretty easy to make though.

Sorry about Mother Nature :(

Deb Brod said...

Mother Nature has just been weird this year. We rarely get snow in North Central Texas and it snowed 4 times. A record breaking 9 inches 1 night. I waited on putting stuff out which usually I don't have to do. Just wacky stuff happening around the world.

Jami said...

Oh no! Sorry about your plants! This recipe looks like something that would add a little sunshine to my day... glad I found it!

cookies and cups said...

Thanks for the link up and glad you liked them!!