Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Serious Bit and Love Notes for Boys

Good Wednesday Friends.

Thanks for bearing my absence yesterday. This morning I want to share something serious and meaningful to who I am as a whole person.

 I went through a time in my life where I was wracked with guilt over poor choices, mistakes made, unkind words spoken - you know, the stuff most of us run up against if we truly live life and don't just float through it swathed in bubble wrap. Since May 4th is already my "very bad day" (for intensely personal reasons) I've allowed it to morph into my day of atonement, sadness and regret. For the past fifteen years I've had this "very bad day" anyways, but now it's a positive thing. It's a way I nurture myself, own all the regret and pain and then go into the next 365 days lighter, with a cleaner conscience. Atonement isn't as popular a concept as it once was. For me though, I think a little reparation is good for the soul. I want to encourage any of you who suffer the stabbing pain of regret to set aside a little time to own it,work through it and right those wrongs.

Now on to some crafty stuff ~
Heather from Dollar Store Crafts made the cutest Mother's Day Memo Board and I just loved it. The idea is just so fabby and I immediately thought of a dozen applications - everything from grocery lists to a "notepad" by the phone (not that we really have a by the phone spot anymore... I think I was having an 80's moment).
Here's my version:

It's not as pretty as Heather's but it's boyish and fun. Even better, it's something they check every morning to see what I've written. When Brayden saw it his eyes filled up and he said it was, " The nicest gift ever" and, "he couldn't believe I made something so special" Can you tell words of affirmation are his love language followed closely by gifts? The other boys really liked it too. I've been keeping it light and specific as I think complimenting teen and pre-teen boys goes better when you say, " Trenton, you put that shelf together just as good as Dad does!" instead of , " I love you because you're my world!" Both are true but specific and concrete is more meaningful.

All I did was make a scrapbook page. I'd made this one eons ago (but all you scrappers know that already because that cute paper is O-L-D) and pop it into a frame. Michael's has 12x12 scrapbook frames for $9.99 but they are always on sale for $4.99 I usually buy about ten at a time; partly because of our wall of awesome:

(It's so teeny in this pic - now it's chest to ceiling and spans three walls - but you can get the idea)

Then I added a dry erase pen to the side of the frame with sticky back velcro:

And wrote a note:

It doesn't have to be written in iambic pentameter to be meaningful. 

Hope you try something similar and let me know when you do :-)

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Laura B said...

The memo board is such a cool idea! And your wall of scrapbook pages is amazing!

And thank you for sharing the serious stuff, too. It's something I need to work on. I tend to just feel guilty all the time.


~Brandy~ said...

I love your wall! I may have to investigate putting the pages in those frames. I usually do a page on a canvas - then give it as a gift. I've kept very few. (and taken pics of even less)

Alison said...

Ditto on everything Madeleine said. Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration not only or crafting, but for life itself.

Meg said...

I love the idea of the memo board...I know I am going to steal that idea. As one who feels guilty because of my fibro, you really are an inspiration to me; that is why I love reading your blog as it really touches the heart with your honesty and your beautiful craftwork.

Carmen said...

Oh Nicole your wall of awesome seriously...IS! If I could just find 12x12 frames locally I am so stealing that idea.

The memo board is fabulous too.

Thanks for the guilt tip, I think one day of ownership would be better than all the dwelling and regretting a lot of us do!(I know I do!) Thank you for sharing that.


Mary C. said...

Atonement is under utilized in this culture. Go you for recognizing our need to purge the bad stuff to let in the good.
As always, the project is awesome.

MaryEllen said...

Hug. That's all.

CathyR said...

Your memo board is terrific. What a great way to share special things with the family. The Wall of Awesome sounds, well...Awesome.

I like your day of atonement, it's not something many people think about. Thanks for the reminder.

Mima said...

Your day of sadness is a great way of dealing with things, but something obviously happened that started it, and I wish that I could soothe that hurt. I love your crafting and I love even more that you do it and that your priorities include it. You produce such beautiful things and they always involve the boys!

Sue C said...

I love your "wall of awesome" - great idea! I've been doing a similar dry-erase project with the frames for several years now, only mine are calendars. I wrote a tutorial for them here:
and there are more examples of them here:
I think I need a memo one in my craft room, though - love it!

Thanks for the serious note, too - I think it's important to "stay real" in blogging, and I appreciate that you are authentic.