Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Circles, Circles Everywhere

I've been cleaning up my little piles and projects with a strict "finish it or toss it" rule. I had cards 3/4 complete, LOs with the paper chosen and the pictures matted but the design not quite set and art sitting on top of frames but not in it. I thought this down time while we are all sick and Chris is working insane hours was the perfect chance to work through these stacks. I really believe clutter translates into failure when you look at it. You see all the things you should have done but didn't and order, tidiness and control that is missing. Clean surfaces give your mind a break as you don't see anything in need of your attention.

I'm happy to say, my counters and island are once more a mental oasis.

Yesterday Scrapbook Circle hosted the Walopaloza party at Willow Traders celebrating WTs 4th anniversary. I participated in the circle card challenge and the LO with circles challenge and I won their March Kit. Woo-hoo! Thanks, Lisa. Here's a pic, isn't it awesome:

Here's what I made:

This card uses Shadows of Memories stamp and Autumn Leaves paper

and this is my LO:

The journaling reads:

I never knew a four year old could decorate his own birthday cake or that forever more cake planning would be your job * I didn't know your big brown eyes could convince me to touch a snake and reassure me that "I'd Be okay". (Remember how bad that giant turtle scared us all? ) * I never would have bought slime about as often as we buy ketchup * Our spare bedroom wouldn't have been an art studio complete with graphic oil painting of a vomiting zombie - by the way, mixing pepper with the paint was pure genius * You've brought so much creativity and invention into our lives; from the K'nex and elastic band bow and arrows of your younger years to Mr. Nipples, the three foot horned beast that graces your bedroom door. or how about your more recent inventions of instant (heart shaped!) chicken vinegar soup and your paddle games made with balloons and hangers * Without you we never would have bought an "exotic" (and by exotic I mean a little creepy and scary) pet and that means we would have never had the tickly pleasures of Hermie, Brains and Gross in our lives. * You are a precious gift wrapped in a noisy, audacious package. Happy Birthday, Baby. We love you. 2/22/2009

I made the LO with a brand new stack from K and Co - I'm just loving their new papers.


Lisa L. said...

What a beautiful circle card with gorgeous color! And your scrapbook page is fantastic.

CathyR said...

I love the circle card, so pretty. The layout is great and the journaling is wonderful.

Dianne said...

Beautiful work....your circle card is genius!

Barbara said...

Congrats on the win!! Your card and layout are fabulous. Makes me want to step further outside my own box. =)

Etha said...

what beautiful circles!! I love that round card, wonderful colors!

Traci said...

That circle card is so cute and I love the colors. Great job!!

Kathi said...

Both the card and layout are great.

Congrats on winning! Yahoo.

shawnna said...

I use those exact same embellie organizers :)