Thursday, March 12, 2009


Don't you just love sketches? They take the hard "where should I put stuff" element out of making a page or card but they leave all the creative (fun!) parts for you so you still get to play.

At TSR Susan is providing sketches "by the numbers" meaning the third month will have a three picture design, the fourth month four etc. As a multi-picture scrapper this tickles me pink because I get so tired of sketches for a single photo. Those just don't work for me. I always end up shoving in a collage. LOL.

Speaking of pink, I made this LO last night:

My team for scrapvivor was the Scrapmonkeys so I finally got to use my cute sock monkey grand adhesions. I also got to use some of those luscious Marieke Vermeulen Design printable journalling spots. If the economy has you down, I recommend trying out printables. I used to buy journalling spots all the time and now that I've got the printables I don't have to spend a cent (beyond paper and ink) to have all I need.

Healthy: 30 min Wii-Fit this AM
Wealthy: Didn't spend a cent yesterday and finished taxes
Wise: Read another large section of World is Flat (this chapter is 150 pages long so I gave up on a chapter a day)


CathyR said...

I love that layout. I like multiple picture layouts too since I tend to scrap lots of pictures.

We got a Wii fit recently and I'm enjoying it a lot. A fun and easy way to exercise.

Laura said...

wow! i so so so love your layouts! This one is absolutely gorgeous, too. The colours are so amazing!

Beth Norman said...

Holy cow, that's a load of cards. I really like your layout.

Scrappin' Mama said...

I love this LO...

I wish I could do that many LO's and Cards on 6 weeks... maybe I should challenge myself...

Very impressive.