Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day of the Dead Graffiti Art (Finished!)

Hello Everyone. Welcome to Day Two of Finishing Week.

Whew. Finishing stuff is hard. That might be why I set some of these projects aside in the first place.

Here's one of my half done projects, it turns out I quit the old version because it just wasn't me. As soon as I took it in a new direction BOOM - it was done. The frame section is inspired by a project I saw by Alisa Burke in a Somerset Workshop last winter with a dash of Crafty Chica for good measure.

I also painted, decoupaged and glittered my third sci-fi bar stool. The project floundered because JoAnn ran out of the suede fringe I was using. So I bit the bullet (after a year of waiting) and picked a new trim. Last night I was adding the new fringe - the last step - and this happened:

How? I do not know. My guess is the mean gossiping lady didn't measure very well. So I'll be breaking my "Finish, don't shop" rule and picking up some more trim.

I also finished getting my hair back to red. Three weeks ago I bleached the black out and dyed it red, but it was a soft, pale-ish, not-very-me red. I wanted RED-RED. So, here I am:

This was taken in the evening so the brightness doesn't show, in full-sun it's pretty awesome.

My ridiculously talented friend (I don't know why she still likes me, seriously) Jenna has been finishing stuff this week too and I have to show you this amazing dresser she restyled:

And the room she finished (isn't Gracie just the cutest!):

You can read more about what Jenna is up to HERE.

I can't wait to hear what you all are finishing - dig in and cross something off that lingering to-do list. My DH says that "open loops" cause stress, so do yourself a favor and close a loop!


On a personal note, one year ago today we decided to take our finances seriously. Since then, we've paid off our car loan, Visa bill, second mortgage and more. In addition to that, we've almost got three months of our six month emergency fun saved. Woo-hoo. What struck us profoundly is how different we are as a family from who we were a year ago. This weekend our date was one of the best ever; we played crib on the front porch while drinking wine, listening to music and watching the sun slip down behind the mountains. It was AWESOME! A year ago, AWESOME would have required an overnight at an expensive hotel, a fancy dinner, a new dress... no wonder we were in debt. I still feel like a total dork pulling out my food envelope to pay for groceries and deciding if we can buy a pizza based on the thickness of the "Family Fun" envelope; but this is good for us. And the dorky feeling is just the "pinch" I need to keep my focus where it needs to be.

Also, last week I devoted a huge amount of time to making a six week menu based on what we had on hand, shopping for what we didn't and pre-cooking as much of it as possible. For about seven hours of effort, I don't have to think about dinner beyond making a pot of rice until after Labor Day. Score! It's been seven days on the new plan and we all love it. I'm not sure I'll ever go back to two-weeks of menus and cooking. In the evening I open my cupboard door and look at my menu. Then I pull whatever is needed out of the freezer. Chris and the boys love knowing what we're going to have and anticipating their favorites. The time-savings is already making an impact on my schedule. Yay!


Mim Smith Faro said...

You are such an inspiration!

I have several unfinished projects and have been trying to work through them. I took two online art/journaling courses back to back and now have two journals going. I'm trying to work on them and finish other projects I need to do for gifts!

Kudos to curbing your spending! I wish we were more organized like that. We're working on getting our debt paid off. We paid off two loans with our tax refund this year and our cars are both over 5 years old. We're trying!

Keep up the most excellent work!

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Thanks for showing off Gracie's dresser! I really like the sci-fi barstools...may have to crib the idea for Bayley's room when I redo it!

Today I am finishing the letters for the kids doors. I am. Really.

grrlpup said...


Kathi said...

The DODGA project looks fabulous and so does the bar stool, even if some of the fringe is missing.

Your friend's project is amazing.

You've made some very positive changes in the past year. Keep the momentum going!

Kathi said...

Forgot to mention that your hair looks great!

madebymegs said...

I so love your red hair...it totally suits you. I dyed my hair red when I was a teenager and now, no matter what colour I put in..it always go back to red!

Congrats on the finances...that is awesome what you have done in a short time in your life!!

Carmen said...

Oh wow! That barstool is looking pretty amazing already even when it's flashing it's backside :P I love the finished art too. Wow, wow, wowza!

Time to dye my hair again methinks. I fancy a change from purple but my girls are all nooooooo. So looks like purple it is ;) I may one day - when brave enough, try the bleach then dye technique for more vibrancy but at the mo the colour just goes over the top of the old colour... do you just home bleach yourself?

Off tocheck out that amazing dresser now - may be just what I need to revamp Devvies drawers rather than pay out for some new ones ;)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Love love LOVE your hair!!!

Good for you for paying things off! I have gotten things paid off and it feels great!

Maggi said...

Love your finished project! I have so many I need to finish up too, lol. Congrats on getting financially fixed up!

Eileen Bergen said...

I've been attacking my unfinished projects and it feels sooo good.

I really can relate to this post.

We went on an (almost) all-cash plan out of necessity several years ago. It really does make you think twice about what you *need*.

What an amazing feeling of stress relief.

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

I finished the hanging letters for their doors!


Faerielore said...

SNAP we both have the same hair colour RED ROCKS !!!! its the best colour to be hehehehehe I LOVE your day of the dead project and your retro stool is soooooo cool xxxxx

Alison said...

I love seeing all of those projects, and your hair looks fabulous! I also enjoyed reading about your new way of thinking monetarily and foodie wise. Grea ideas!

Carol said...

Your hair is awesome and congrats on the finance plan. It does feel so good to not have debts out there and I'm impressed you've done so very well in what is really a short amount of time. Keep it up and your kids will learn so much from the experience as well!

Shannon said...

I am new to your blog and love it. I am curious about if you have any posts about how you got on track. I would li]ove to read them. I need help, help, help. Like you I have many unfinished projects, materials piled up awaiting inspiration and debt! Would love any advice. Thanks!

Cheryl Valadez said...

Nicole, what an inspirational post! First of all, I thought your Day of the Dead project couldn't get in better, but it did! I LOVE the frame and it all comes together perfectly!

Next, the hair is fabulous and suits you to a tee!

AND, kudos to you for all of the fab changes you have made in only a year's time! Those are huge accomplishments that most of can't complete in 10 years, let alone one. Bravo!