Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finishing What is Begun But Not Yet Done

Do you have unfinished projects? Admit it, you do. You're human, right?

As I've been restoring order to my house, I've noticed that a lot of the shelf clutter that can't be minimized is half-finished projects. Like:

* A closet that is 2/3 clean. That last bit though, not so much.
* Scrapbook pages that are "in progress" not in albums
* Shrines and Canvases that have backgrounds painted but nothing else.
* Quilt blocks needing sashing and to be sewn into a quilt top (it's been about 10 years).
* Knifty Knitted partial scarves and shawls
* Our garage is almost clean.
* Half done embroidery projects
* Stamped and matted images for cards I never completed.
* Half-read books
* Half-written stories.
* December Daily Album.
* Half-eaten lemonade pie.

You get the drift.

So next week, July 26-25th, I am finishing things. Since I'm one of the poor saps not going to CHA *pout*

Care to join me?

Just leave a comment telling me some of the things you'd like to finish. I'll even sweeten the deal and send a small something to a random commenter. Sound good?

Please let me know if you post pics of your completed projects on your blogs - I'd love to see them.


Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

Teehee about the half eaten lemonade pie. That's one I don't have an issue with either!

I need to pack! We are moving but not for a while so I need to do stuff we don't need everyday like winter clothes, books, decorations, etc...

Re-doing my scrap room. I've started about 12 times and never finished.

Dara Lynn said...

Lets see here....5 painted pots with no numbers or alphas on them...Vintage door knocker needs color washed to use as a drape swag holder....organization of fabric on the 5x7 foam boards...(foam board still in one piece!!) and decorative wreath for my scrap room still waiting on those cute fabric flowers.. yep... I here ya sista!! Same boat!! what am I doing now?? working on a new scrapbook page!! lol

Darcy said...

on my new laptop there is an option to have a 'sticky' note on the desktop.....I have 5!!! full of unfinished projects, they are supposed to be there so I am reminded, all I seem to do is add to them. lol

things like ..
sort hinges
get wood putty
wax the door
sort top drawer...since typing this on a sticky ages ago the other drawers nee doing now too
find lost journalling tags
decorate dragon
make a tea towel bag
postcard for Murphy

and so there are uneaten scones with cream and strawberries, I am pretty confident I can tackle that job!

Karin said...

My craftroom (tiny!) Needs to get finished, i startig ?times, but never got it done.
My copic storage needs 1 layer of paint on 2 of 'em, and varnish...
Need to finish my art journal page "the eye" (it's work in progress for 3 weeks now), also "face with no face" needs to get finished...
And I have to finish a swap project for my friend kerri, in canada, so we can start shipping :)

I'd post my pages on my blog! (Tab artjournal and stuff)


Carmen said...

Oh gawd where to begin...

Under the stairs cupboard. Craig said if I cleared it then he would build me shelves for storage under there. Since he said that MORE stuff has gone under and I have to put all my weight on it to get it shut, quickly get the bolt across to keep it shut before I can spring away :/

Art doll... that's one I've accumulated the bits for but never even started never mind finished.

Erm... my graffitti class. Am about half ways through. Better get that finished. Eep.

I did get my desk finished today I can now lay across it and pose like some car model :P

Lemonade pie sounds yummy!

Eileen Bergen said...

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but my next-up unfinished projects should be:

Some doodles to complete a doodle collage;

The hybrid card making class I signed up for and got halfway through before life intervened;

A few tote bags for which I bought embellishments over a year ago; and

Resin-cast pendants and charms I bought materials for on the same craft supply spending spree last year. lol.

I'm so glad to see I have a lot of company on this :-)

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

This week we're making Grace's nursery a big girl room :D I've shopped for everything, so this weekend I went after painting and the dresser project, will post pics later...when the room is set up!

I need to do the boys closets soon - easier to pass on fall clothes BEFORE people have done their back-to-school shopping. In fact, I need to do all 3 kids closets!

And clean the laundry room. I keep starting and then get sidetracked by...laundry!

I haven't opened scrapbooking or cross stitch or embroidery since we moved...I should at least peek this week, right?

Darcy said...

thankyou for the lovely comments honey, however that photo is out of date lol I no longer have purple hair, it has been red for about 8 months or so...a little darker than the red in your photo, which suits you beautifully.

Do yo read a lot? I notice a couple of titles you mentione here and on your fb profile...sorry not stalking you really lol but you do crop up in my feed sometimes as we have mutual friends lol ...anyhoo I only ask as I set up a really small, invite only bookclub, would you be interested?

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Update! The big girl room is done! I feel so accomplished :D I finished the dresser project, did a hair accessories frame that I've been meaning to do for ages, and voila! Big girl room. She even napped in her bed :D

Which means it's onto closets...if you don't hear from me, I must have been buried by hand-me-down dress sorting!

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Oh! Links of completed things :

Carol said...

I have several album projects that are partially finished, had big plans while my daughter is away at camp, but it didn't happen. We are also spring cleaning our entire house, although its already the middle of summer so you can see how that is going!

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Another 'someday' project done -0 well, half done. I've always wanted to turn my blog into a book so the kids have a hard copy to glane through / fight over. Thanks to this great deal, I did a book that chronicles our pre-Grace years..just over a hundred pages for $12 shipped! someday, I'll do 2008 on...

Blurb has a great offer going on right now. They created a special discount code for those who attended CBC and they're letting us share it with you.
Blurb is offering a coupon code that gets you $39.95 off your product total. That's huge!!

joyce rodli said...

Visiting and scrolling down and saw this and I realize as July is finishing I didn't finished up my December Daily 2009 in July like I wanted to and start the next one early. There are other things and I think I'll being doing a 2 weeker and see how it goes. Happy happies.