Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Daughter is a Gift of Love

This week we had to make a scene for our lovely ladies to hang out in. The examples were fantastically cute... but I don't do cute all that well so this is my very best take on cheerful art.

My friend R. and her delightful daughter P. were my inspiration for this piece. It's how I imagine them in a few years when P. has grown a little more.

(please click the picture to see details)

Since R is an internet friend I only have pictures of the two of them to go on. I thought this captures perfectly how I see them in my mind.

And here's a peek at all the texture that makes up each piece:

This week my new favorite thing is blotting on paint through the bag limes come in. It has gorgeous cross hatching (see the white above).

Thanks for popping in, I hope my friend likes it :-)


Eileen Bergen said...

Oh, how could she NOT like it?!

It is very touching and yet, not too personal. Navigating internet friendships is a new journey for most of us.

But it's a journey I'm happy to be on.

Kas said...

Loving your new projects and the new hairdo!!

de said...

Nicole, I just love this series of projects you are doing! Each is more amazing then the next! I've been slack leaving comments but I have just loved them all! AMAZING work!

Juls said...

this is just gorgeous!!! Hugs Juls