Saturday, March 12, 2011

She Had Colorful Dreams

This piece gave me such a heart attack. I used Prima stencils with Adirondack spray ink to create the top layer of the design on the right side of the background. After six hours of drying time the ink still came off on my hands so I Googled the problem. 

Apparently on some surfaces the dry time can be lengthy and the suggested work around is to sprinkle clear embossing powder in the sticky spots, blast it with a heat gun and go on your merry way. 

I did, it seemed good and then after the piece was all done I started to brush on the top coat of Mod Podge to seal it all in and in seconds I had a grey-black smoosh over the whole thing. It was horrible.  If you look near her hair and the white 'dreams of love' you'll see the shade it turned... UGH! Not exactly colorful.

So I pulled out my Gauche Alchemy punchinella and covered over the worst of it in thick white hearts. They brightened things up, obscured the dark smooshy patches and saved the day. Crisis averted.

She just might be my favorite.

Did you see her boots? It's the teeny weenie picture of an alphabet sticker set included in my Echo Park paper pack. I've got serious mileage out of that 'contents' insert.


Tami said...

she is my favorite.
what did you do to make the grid? stamp?

Eileen Bergen said...

I love her! What a fantastic "save".

Once again, I learned new things at your blog, Nicole. Punchinella ribbon makes a great stencil. (Almost) any project can be saved!

Mima said...

She's just lovely, your heart must have sunk when that happened, so glad you were able to save her!!

Dara Lynn said...

I think this is my favorite too! I am with Tami I have a TH grid stamp love it! The punchinella's a must have and totally made the piece pop! Am I making any sense tonight?

priti.lisa said...

Looks to me like you saved her life...Bravo!

Cherie said...

I love when an "accident" or problem turns into something beautiful. What a gorgeous picture! Love it.

Barbara said...

Wow, great save! It turned out wonderful!

Hugs XX

A Creative Dream... said...

A great save! I always try to remember that each time something messes up it's just a chance to find a new way to learn something new... and I learn lots of new things trying to cover up mistakes! She turned out great!

Kim said...

Hi Nicole! What a beautiful piece! I love how you saved the disaster- I would never have known there was a problem if you hadn't told us! I love how colorful your work is too :) Nice to meet you!