Friday, March 18, 2011

She Knew She Could Conquer the World

It's a hard call but I think she might be my favorite. The entire piece was made with art supplies - paint, markers, stamps - instead of patterned paper. There is something very authentic about doing a whole project with paint. Of course, the girl herself is paper, I doubt I could convincingly paint a patterned dress. You never know though.

(click to see these up close)


Sarah said...

I think this one is my favourite too as that wonderful confident, optimistic, I can do anything sentiment is so very YOU :)

priti.lisa said...

My new favorite, too!
The Early Bird conquers the World!

Carmen said...

She's fabby, fabby, fabby!

Dunx said...

I really have been enjoying these pieces - terrific results, and very interesting notes on the creative process.

I agree about painting patterns on clothes, though - it's something I've struggled with in my figure painting. This guy with camo pants is about as sophisticated as I have done, and it's not a regular pattern so it's easy to paint.

Eileen Bergen said...

Beautiful! I'm really enjoying the phrases you're coming up with for your pages. They're so empowering, yet charming.

Juls said...

wow these projects really are amazing!!! Hugs Juls