Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bases for Art Projects and Ways to Hang Them

These are my first four project working with the She Art style figures:

Most people work on canvases, which are lovely, but it's a waste of money for me as I tend to cover my bases with layers of paper. The beauty of canvas is it's gorgeous texture, why use canvas only to cover it up?

What I use instead is half-inch MDF. At Home Depot they sell two foot by four foot pieces for about $5.50 and the guys there will cut it for you. I get mine cut to 12x12 inch pieces and 6x12s. I get eight (four of each) which works out to about sixty-nine cents per base. It's very affordable and allows me to make more art without financial stress.

The trick is hanging them. I've heard some folks add picture hangers before they start their projects but I stamp so much that I need my base to lie flat. So I've been using these Command Picture Hanging Strips:

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, I'll let you know if they have any problems during long term use.

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Kim's Treasures said...

Your 4 girls are beautiful!!! You are so talented!

Carmen said...

These are gorgeous Nicole. I've seen those hangers locally here too and as can't hang piccies on our walls (without the walls falling down!) I'll watch with interest.

Let me know if you fancy doing an article about your girls in the newsletter? *fluttery eyelashes and kair kisses*

Carmen said...

kair kisses? Dunno what they are! AIR kisses :D

Laura said...

Fantastic. They do look absolutely amazing!!! I am sooo tempted to try to make something similar.. eeek! Not sure I will dare to try though.

Eileen Bergen said...

Thanks for the great tip, Nicole.

The girls look fantastic all lined up like that. A lot of food for thought while we gaze at the eye candy ;-)

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Wow,pretty work.Thanks for sharing.

Juls said...

these are amazing...they are like an arty version of some sort of style magazine...such amazing work...I feel totally inspired by it!!!! Hugs Juls