Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cheesy Pesto Bread and Cache Valley

I think I'll let this picture serve as an introduction because, really, it leaves me speechless and drooling.

When the lovely ladies at Our Best Bites posted a wonderfully adaptable recipe for cheesy garlic herb bread, I had to take a crack at it. Click on the link for the specifics but generally speaking, you cut the bread in a criss-cross pattern (Jump! Jump!), slather on pesto (or garlic butter... or whatever) and then stuff cheese down the holes. See:

Bake for about 20 minutes until the bread is in bloom and nicely browned. Dive in!

I altered the recipe a bit as I didn't slather pesto on all four sides of each cube - more like one horizontal  and one vertical side per cube - and I used a lot less cheese. It was still very decadent.

My boys are trying to convince me to make a melted butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and chocolate chip version... I'm abstaining (for now).

We went on a mini-road trip to Cache Valley, UT this Sunday to see where Chris's next triathlon will be taking place. It's gorgeous there.

This is the transition area (aka boat launch)

Here's my guys near the reservoir - love places where mountains and water meet.

We decided that instead of the triathlon weekends this summer serving as a painful reminder of the fun I'm not having with this damn foot, we'd make them spa weekends for me. Now that doesn't sound so bad. Close to the Cache Valley Tri is a lovely little resort and spa. I'll get a massage and facial while my honey is tooling around on his swim, bike and run. The kids can be his cheer squad. Win-win!

Thanks for all the sweet congratulations yesterday. I'm really looking forward to sharing my CupCards To Go projects with you - they run the gamut from pink and frilly to wild, painty graffiti-esque.


www.StarHughes.com said...

YUM!!! Looks absolutely delicious - I may have to spend a week in the gym after eating that whole thing (because I WILL end up eating all of it) - but I think I have to make it! It looks too yummy to pass up!

SprinkleBakes said...

WOW that looks so good!

Rosa Witten said...

Oh Yummy I must try this! The boy's version sounds awesome too.