Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SPARK The Event

I'm going to SPARK in October!!!

Here's the color scheme for this years event. Gorgeous!

Consider this an open invitation to all my fabulously crafty girlfriends to come and hang with me for a few days in October. It's going to be amazing!!!

P.S. I grabbed the delicious graphic Alisa made off the Spark Website. It was too cool not to share.


Foundinthe-ALI said...

How fun!

I love the little graphic she did. Super cute.

Thanks for stopping by. The velcro is such a good idea. I always use bobby pins. Velcro would be great because then it doesn't show :) said...

Oh that sounds so fun! I wish I could go! I'll be in school. Too bad it's not in California!

Star Hughes Living

Kathi said...

I would so love to attend this event with you.

Alas, it's right before the hub's b'day...

MaryC said...

Okay, Nicole! I am coming. Just paid my tuition. RGH will be home but he wanted me to go and then I saw the Donna Downey is going to teach. Yowsa!
Gotta reserve my room and get my flights too.