Friday, May 13, 2011

Mermaid in a Jar

Are you detecting a theme?

Wouldn't it be awesome if the kids brought home a mermaid in a jar instead of the disgusting bugs and leeches they usually return with?

There was so much going on here with the stamping, I decided to keep the card itself very plain. We were experiencing a major snow storm when I was photographing this card so the glittery bits aren't showing up so well. I promise they're there.

Here's another decorated envelope too. It's the first time I've used the ships wheel in the set and I LOVE it. Since I'm not nautically inclined, it has a nice "gears" vibe to it that I know will be employed in future backgrounds.


ZULNOE said...

Muy bonito, que lindos colores!

Anonymous said...

Do a leech in a jar! Do a leech in a jar! said...

Ooh I love the stamped envelope! I would be so excited to find such a gorgeous, fun envelope waiting for me in my mailbox!