Thursday, September 22, 2011

Art Journal: Fight Club

Please, please, please click on the pic so you can see it in it's glory *wink*
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Fight Club is one of my favorite books and I used to read it ever year. It reminds me about the power of spare, effective writing and it speaks to me the way Jane Eyre speaks to other people.

I've been working on this page for ages. I made the background at a triathlon waiting for Chris to finish the bike leg. Using Aquarelles and a spray bottle. I'd draw thick lines in three colors and then mist them with water so they would drip down. Then I'd hold it over my head up to the sun to dry and then repeat with three different colors in the opposite direction. I kept doing this, building up layers until I was satisfied with the look.

The two images were added to the page using Mod Podge transfer. I'm so totally enamored with this technique. It's amazing to be able to transfer the image without covering up the background. I chose this transfer method because I wanted to create the impression that Ed Norton (right) was receding and Brad Pitt (left) was emerging. Hopefully that came through.

In other news:


grrlpup said...

It's incredible. I love it. (And Fight Club is now on my list for when I finish the O's and get to the letter P!)

Carmen said...

Never read Fight Club but seen the film and love this Nicole! TotallY!

Will have to try the modge podge technique.

Sarah said...

love everything about these pages, especially the background.

Like Carmen I've only seen the film but never read the book. Will have to add it to my reading list.

Mel R said...

That is awesome and I love that movie.

Emma said...

omg that is amazing! I think I need to read that book...

Mandy McK said...

I totally LOVED your tut over on Julie's blog. Reminds me of some home-made mini stamps I made years ago... I was a FIMO junkie and had plenty of the stuff. One day I made a marble sized ball and thumb printed it really hard onto a textured surface. The result was a 1" wonky circle stamp with the cutest random texture pattern. I immediately trawled the house for textures to press onto (like toothbrush handles and trainer soles etc). I baked the stamps and used Stazon to stamp with. Happy days. OK, turned into a waffley comment. Love the blog.
Mandy McK

Heidi said...

This is INCREDIBLE! I didn't realize Fight Club was a book. I'll have to check that out.

So excited that you played along with us on Sketchy Thursdays!!!!! I'm a HUGE fan of yours so it's a great honor that you used my sketch!!!!

- Heidi