Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Friendly Fairy

The first fairy I made is SO me but she was also a little .... er... judgmental and unimpressed. 

So I decided to make a conscious effort to create a sweet-natured, friendly, supportive fairy. 

Her dress was made of modeling paste and her wings are Gelli Plate mono-printed paper:

How's I do? Friendlier?



Jane Wetzel said...

my goodness! she is sweet!

Laura said...

hi Nicole- I'm glad you posted this, because I couldn't remember anything else about her except that she had sparkly wings. Looks like your having fun in the class! I haven't finished my car page yet and haven't even started on this... I got derailed by another piece entirely. But I love it, so maybe my fam is doing her job! xoxo

whyducks said...

Very cool!

Kathi said...

They're so sweet. I love them and think they're both friendly, magical fairies.

Sparkly Engineer said...

She does look much more supporting. Congratulations on selling this lovely piece.

Teddi said...

i like them both! :)