Friday, January 14, 2011

Art Journal Every Day... er...Most Days

I've been slacking a bit on AJED as my days have been hard, packed and painful. One thing I've definitely noticed is how much more effort is required to AJ if you put your stuff away. It's a major change from having it accessible and out in the open. But the house is so much neater... what's a creative girl to do?

This page is a sort of personal melt down, rant, valve-opening-to-let-the-pressure-off piece. I wasn't trying to be pretty or eloquent or trendy. Just trying to get through a rough patch without a body count.

I'm really enjoying starting out with painted pages. It's weird as the color scheme is pre-set but it certainly beats the pressure of a blank page. I specifically picked a clashy, chaotic, angry color mix in my journal. I think the color and gashes express my thoughts as much as the words do.

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Dara Lynn said...

After your post....I would be a total idiot to check the box cool..or yawn..or more like that! I am on the end slide of putting up with the back and leg pain I suffer too. On the 23rd of Dec they told me no laser, no laminectomy...bolts screws and rods for 3 levels. I cancelled my last epidural block 2 weeks ago, and haven't called the office. Today, the nurse called...saying on the machine..(cuz I didn't feel like growling and screaming to the phone) I know you are having a difficult time, I am here for you...What a great friend... and my pain mgmt nurse to boot! Comment to leave here today...I am so sorry We have been dealt these cards! We know we are not alone...but we also know what it's like to deal with nailed it in your journal. Maybe I need to do the same. Write it down, no "jackslap" that pen on paper and get all the misery out. The pain wants to take me over too..however, I do have high admiration to you for looking it in the face and calling it a total "asstard"! Hang in there Nicole! You give more strength than you know. Hugs from Oklahoma :) Your friend :0) Dara Lynn

Juls said...

this is fab!!! Love the dashes of colours...such a great way to record your feelings! Hugs Juls

Carmen said...

Shame such an amazing page had to come out of something so awful. If I don't read the words - it's gorgeous and grungey and painty and chock full of emotion. Then you read the words and it all just spills off the page. I hope it looks up for you soon Nicole - you're right, it's not fair.