Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cake #2 - 52 Cakes

There's nothing quite like chocolate cake.

 I decided to make it extra delicious by filling my Chocolate Beet Cake with chocolate ganache

 and topping it with dark chocolate mocha frosting.

Wow. I think I love this challenge :-)


MacInfinity said...

I have to say, as one of the luck ones to have eaten this cake, it ROCKS! Honey you are the best, this cake was amazing.

Juls said...

love your cake challenge...I would not be able to do this, I battle with my wieght far too much....this makes me want to break my resole....My hubbys grandad reconed he made the best choc cake in the world...and it was good, but I think yours could win hands down!!! Hugs Juls

Darcy said...

WOW indeed!!! that is one amazing looking cake. I am so looking forward to stealing some of your recipes lol

Allison said...

Ooooo... YUMMY! Can I have a piece?!
And it looks like this one turned out a little better than your last one! haha

Kim's Treasures said...

You're making me want to quit my diet! That cake looks delicious!!!

sheila @ Elements said...

Looks amazingly delicious and oh so decadent! Great job!! :)

Meaghan Luby said...



i am...


that is like... the perfect chocolate chip cake. with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for contrast or, better, a glass of milk, i am certain this would be the perfect last meal.

death by chocolate. yes pleaseeee.

love your resolution to post cakes too! will definitely be keeping tabs, if all of them look as divine as this, i may have to follow along!

thanks for posting