Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Calendar Challenge and Resolutions(ish)

My very, very cool, creative friend Carmen blogged about a Calendar Challenge she's doing and I took one look and the drool started pooling all over my lap top. Oh, my! Come to mama, this project is straight out of my dreams. Go check it out.

I love the idea of an art journal/calendar/diary. And since 2011 is going to ROCK, it'll be the perfect assurance that I won't miss a thing.

Plus it blends nicely with my AJED project. Nice when life works out that way.

Speaking of, here's todays addition to my AJ:

(click on the pic)

Here's the text, not resolutions exactly, just plans to make this rich life even richer.

By the end of 2011 I plan to have...

Learned: How to sew. Really sew, not just aim the needle in the general direction I have in mind. This will involve both books and classes.
Changed: My self-talk. I'm really hard on myself and say things to me that I'd never say to other people. I think now is the time to learn to be as gentle with me as I am with everyone else.
Figured Out: Whether or not I'm ever planning to drive again. Trenton will be 15 this summer so if I'm going to be his licensed driver in the vehicle with him, I better get at it. It's time to fish or cut bait on this issue.
Completed:  At least 75% of this list: Two half-marathons (2/27 and 4/30), a marathon (maybe 12/4), the Suncrest (PSYCHO!!!! You need to be a very fit mountain goat to survive it.) Half-marathon and maybe a sprint triathlon with my sweetie. 
Stopped: Basing all my decision on my spine. This is going to be my big year. I've waited most of a decade for this and I'm not filtering life through my spinal cord and vertebrae any more than I absolutely have to.
Started: Swimming and biking. Up until now I've been more of a falling, flailing and trying not to drown type of gal.
Acquired: Some finisher's medals, a swimsuit I don't hate and a hair color I adore.
Given Up: Frat boy food like Hot Pockets. I feed my kids home baked whole wheat bread made from fresh ground wheat and slathered with homemade hazelnut spread while simultaneously popping a Ham and Cheese Lean Pocket in the microwave for myself. That's seriously messed up!
Visited: Florida and at least three other states. Yellowstone NP would be nice too :-)
Left Behind: The 190s, the 180s and the 170s. I'm in the 160s now, but in the last two years I've hit each of those weights and I'm not going back. Nope. Not ever!

I'd love to read your list of what you plan to learn, visit, stop etc. If you post one please link it up so I can see it.


Sourkraut said...

I love this idea! I was sad and a little shocked to look back on my journal and see that I only made three entries last year. I remember a time when I used to write almost every day! I tried to cobble together a yearly wrap-up using my Facebook statuses and pictures as a reminder but I'm sure I missed out on all sorts of events, both big and small, that I'll never remember now. Good luck with all of your goals for 2011 and way to go with the weight loss!

Kim's Treasures said...

I'm loving your pages! I want to learn to sew better too and drop some more weight! Good luck to you on your endeavors!

Juls said...

this is fabulous!!! Love all the stips of sentiments you have put togther...it will be so lovely to look back on that page in a years time......and I am sure you will learn to sew you are a creative person and thats all you need...its not too difficult!!! thanks for sharing your inspiring work! Hugs Juls

Alex said...

Nicole- this is BEAUTIFUL. Truly beautiful in multiple ways.

CraftyMomOf2 said...

Nicole....I am in AWEEEEEEE!! This is gorgeous beyond gorgeous beyond GORGEOUS!! Wow. So powerful and inspiring!!

Crafty Hugs!

Carmen said...

You just made my day :D Beaming from ear to ear here.

So glad you are playing along! I love your pages and your promises. I also want to learn to sew and to improve my drawing and painting plus learn woodburning. All of which like you say will involve classes and books.

Finished my January page last night so just have to wait for it to get a bit lighter so I can photo it in good light (oh yeah - improve my picture taking should be up there too!)

It's 7am here and still pitch black!