Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Acorn Treats: Food Craft for Kids

Every year we make some sort of acorn treat this time of year. Mostly we've made these:

You take a donut hole, frost the top third, roll it in toffee bits and then stick a piece of pretzel in the top. They're delicious.

But I was a little tired of them and thought we'd make something different this year. I saw Hershey's Kiss acorns floating around the internet and we gave them a try.

You need melted chocolate chips, Nutter Butter  Bites, Hershey's kisses, butterscotch chips ( or PB chips) and a couple of toothpicks.

Pick up some chocolate with the wide end of a toothpick and glue together like this:

If you find the cookie is moving around too much let them sit a minute, cookie side down, before 'gluing' on the butterscotch chip. They set up really fast.

My kids loved making these and my husband LOVED eating them.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating tomorrow :-)


chksngr said...

I LOVE these...I want to go find something that doesn't have peanut butter for the cookie...SO CUTE!!!

ginagte said...

you can use mini nanilla wafers instead of nutter butters

Emily said...

Hi there! I'm the editor of I would love to feature these cookies on my site, with full credit to you! If granted permission, I would use one photo, write a description of the project, and link back to your site for the full recipe. Please let me know if you are interested! You can email :) Thank you!