Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hard Day - Art Journal Sketch

I'm having a pretty significant flare-up right now and I thought I'd try to combine my current personal challenge of drawing faces with expressing how I'm feeling. This is not a self-portrait but a mood portrait, if that makes any sense.

I hope that unkempt, sad, a little scared and not on her A game came through in her expression and pose.

B. suggested I tinker with her as my mood and pain level changed to have a "living, ongoing expression of my physical state" (LOVE THAT KID! Who says stuff like that?) So I did and here are the results:

This was my first attempt using Pan Pastels and charcoal - neat stuff, very messy though.

I snapped these before journalling on the left hand side because it's personal and before I'm done probably won't be fit for sharing.

Sorry that this week has been all drawings, I have a lot to share (cards, DT assignments, bedroom remodel) but the pictures are in our main computer and walking across the room to it is too big a task right now. Please don't think I'm not going to be blogging all the stuff I normally do. I'm just banged up a bit and if it's not at arm's reach it's out of the question.

Would you all like a peek into B's sketch book? He's been surrounded by anatomy texts and working on skulls and torsos.



this one is trying to do an abstract face like I did for yesterday's post - it's also his first time using charcoal and he's totally hooked on the medium.

his own character

caucasian human


MaryC said...

Awesome stuff... Yours & B's. I hope you start feeling better soon. I miss you.

Carmen said...

Don't apologise for all this drawing. It's YOUR blog for what YOU are doing.

And I'm loving it ;)

Wow - like mother like son eh? Both powerful sketchbooks! Maybe he should think about going into art therapy as a career? He seems to have the mind for it!

Kathi said...

• Sorry you're feeling poorly.
• I really like the drawing and like B's idea to use it to track how you're feeling.
• I've been curious about Pan-Pastels, but not curious to invest in another new medium before trying it!
• T is very talented. I found a really cool site yesterday that showed how to draw skulls. If I can find it again, I'll email you the link.