Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Made a Mug Rug

Mug Rug... not the nicest phrase, it conjures up images of toupees and mug shots. But I didn't name them, I only made one. 

At first, like so many others, I questioned the need for a quilted textile larger then a coaster but smaller then a placemat... don't we have something like that already? They're called pot holders! But it turns out the difference is that pot holders have a loop for hanging; mug rugs do not.

So now you know.

Here it is all frayed and fluffy after a trip through the wash. 

 Every since I watched a quilt show and an internationally acclaimed quilter left her batting showing (unbound) I've had a strict "good enough for her, good enough for me" policy on not binding a darn thing. I love the softness peeking out around the edges.

Thanks so much for all the enthusiasm you had towards my Advent for Older Kids idea. I'm thrilled that so many of you are trying something similar. Have fun.

P.S. Huge thanks to my friend Karen for the gorgeous fabric I used in this project.


Ayana said...

No binding! Perfect! I love your Mug Rug, too. So cute and quirky.

MaryC said...

Love it! Perfectly you.