Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Handmade Mixed-Media Apron

I needed an apron for SPARK and I wanted to make one that expressed my creative side as well as it kept my clothes clean. The internet is awash with apron tutorials so I went with the simplest concept - cut a rectangle, fold in half, cut out curve at top for arm holes, add ties and hem.  Easy peasy. If you want me to step out how I did it, just ask. I can always use another apron.

(don't mind the weird bend at my right hip under my hand, it was squished in the closet and the canvas really holds strange shapes)

This was so fun and the apron came together quickly. My favorite part is that I always fold my aprons up under my bust and tie them in an A-line style. So I did that with this one, pinned the heck out of it and then sewed it with darts (ish) so I don't have to fold it all the time. Love!

Then I brushed the front with gesso and as I added more gesso I spritzed in color mists starting with teal at the top and transitioning to yellow at the bottom. 

Once dry, I stamped flowers along the bottom and script all over the top and then sewed on all sorts of spare bits of ribbon and flowers from my stash.


Then I added two layers of ruffles, the white (bottom) layer was colored rainbow with mists and the yellow ruffle was embellished a bit with script stamping.

And here it is in action:


Dolly Daydreams said...

Nicole that's not an apron that's a dress !!! or some such other item that should be seen out on the cat walk just gorgeous.


Mel R said...

Very cute and cheery!

EFI said...

Wooow!!!! Your apron is fantastic!!!!

Ayana said...

I agree with everyone else! That APRON needs protecting. It is beautiful!

Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace said...

WOW!! This apron has so much wow factor!! Couldn't be cuter. Do you actually use it?? I'd hang it on my wall for decor!! :-) ~ Blessings


Zakka Life said...

I love how your apron looks like one of your art pieces only on a different medium, fabric. Fabulous!

Kathi said...

Ah. It's fabulous and was probably the envy of all at your retreat!