Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Be Okay With Where You Are

Be okay with where you are even if you know you want to change.

I made a little canvas. It's 4x6 and I love how adorable the size is. 

You really have to think and rein yourself in because at that size, every little thing counts. This was a great opportunity to use high impact products like dimensional paste. I mixed mine with some iridescent medium and it has a silvery raised look. 

Did you know you can press pastes, or mist, through border punched card stock for a fantastic effect? That's what I did here on the left hand side. It's a great way to add dimension and stretch the use of your punches.

Her dress and arm placement was really fun. I wanted to give the impression on a hand holding her dress. For the design, I originally traced a figure from a bridal magazine. (FYI: Bridal mags are INCREDIBLE resources if you're interested in figures wearing dresses.)

But those girls were so skinny I wanted to make them all a sandwich. So I redrew her noticeably curvier... and she's still pretty lean. Man, models are so bobble-headed nowadays. Poor girls need to eat a bit.


Thanks so much for stopping by :-)


Lesley said...

My daughter and I love to watch that show American's Next Top Models. It kills us what those girls go through and how skinny and tall they are. Seriously...you have to be at least 6 feet tall... How ridiculous is that?!!

Love this piece and love how you shared the process you used for sourcing. Fun.:)

Jane Wetzel said...

Nicole...this is sooo cool! I LOVE it..do you use regular tracing paper? What is not to like about it- the colors, the prints..the drawing is fab! tfs btw, thanks for the tip about the bridal mags..hope my dd still has hers lol

Carmen said...

Another fabulous creation Nicole. When I save some pennies I may have to come back and ask for this quote on something!

Loving all your top tips too!

CathyR said...

Love the colors on this one. Do you do the outlines in pen or with ink?