Friday, July 20, 2012

Trip to the ER and a New Collage

Yesterday was a bit of a long day.

I think my heart was trying out for Dancing with the Stars:
first the tango, *stop*, then the Paso Doble, *stop*... wait for the judges... waltz!

It was pretty darn scary. Paddles were mentioned. Double-scary. 
I was totally like, " ixnay on the addles-pay!"

Anyhow, things calmed and nothing life-threatening occurred and now I'm waling around with a 24 hour EKG to keep an eye on my ticker.

Looks like a white cami from a distance.

Not so much up close. I see all the special heart guys on Monday and we'll figure it out. 
What a day.

But then the mail came and look at the pretty I got. It was like getting a hug from my Mom-in-law on a day I really, really needed it. Thanks, Mom!

But enough about me, here's some pics of a collage I made:

It has lots of gorgeous texture:


Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

NICOLE! That is SOOO scary! I am praying for you and hope that your are feeling better soon! Beautiful collage too!

Alyssa S said...

Oh my! Your day does not sound fun! Glad to hear you're feeling better and hope for only good news! Sending good vibes your way!!

Kathi said...

In spite of a day that would have seen most people reduced to tears, you share photos of you smiling and looking almost relaxed.

You amaze me.

Your art inspires me.

And your new quilt is gorgeous. Enjoy the warmth it brings to you.

chksngr said...

Jeez, woman!! You have the most amazing grace to be SMILING with all of that!!! What an exciting day...but wouldn't you rather just be a stunt double in a Tom Cruise movie? :-)

Carmen said...

You make me feel so guilty woman! Here I am - with a sore back and bloated ankles but with something amazing coming at the end of it and I'm acting like some drama queen to all my loved ones. Honestly - you should see the amount of tea that's been made on my demands and when they grumble I lay back and rub my belly while putting on the puppy dog eyes! There's you - rocking it in a heart monitor and still smiling, producing amazing art and just generally being, well, amazing!

I should buck up my ideas... but first a few more cups of tea ;)

Carmen said...

p.s - the quilt is gorgeous!

Claudette said...

My prayers are with you at this time and I too love the quilt and naturally your art.

Maggi said...

I am so sorry you had to go through all that Nicole! I'm glad you're home, wonderful gift from your MIL and you created a really awesome collage!

Bonita Rose said...

omg.. so happy u are okay.. get better and rest... we will all be here when u return. xo Love your latest work of art! xo beautiful! and love the box.. love love love!!!!!!