Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Help Me Pick Their Hair

Good Morning! I was up all night (UGH!) so I put the time to good use and set to work on filling some of the backgrounds I made

 with lovely ladies. I was hoping you all could make some suggestions on what hair you'd like to see.

Blonde, brunette, redhead. Ponytails, bob, long, messy bun, funky precision cut. Let me know what you think would be a fun choice.

First Up: An expectant mom with a blessing from Proverbs:

Yeah... she's wearing heels. But you should check Pinterest; it happens a lot more than it did in my day. 

Next we've got the lady who is letting the light in. When I saw all that gorgeous yellow shining all around her I knew my theme. 

And finally, Be Happy. I love this down to earth apple tree lady... but she could also be an alternative, hippie-esque organic farmer. Hmmm...

So here's the deal, let me know what hair color/style you'd like to see on each girl in the comment section and leave your email/contact info. I will send each of you a coupon for my shop.

I've made a list of coupon amounts and you'll get between 10% and 25% depending on your comment number. 

Sound fun?


Jennifer White said...

I think a messy bun is always great and realistic.

Carmen said...

I can almost see hair on them with those backgrounds!

Expectant mum has a huge ponytail, lady letting the light in has some flyaway long blonde hair billowing all around her and down to earth/hippy chick has a funky plait over her shoulder :P

p.s - I envy pregnant Mum, my feet will only fit in crocs at the moment!

donna!ee said...

i love this style you've got goin on nicole. i say top blonde short shag, middle red curly locks and bottom brunette braids. it's always fun interacting with you and your art! blest be ;D

Jessie K said...

These are so cute!

Pregnant lady should have a messy bun (cuz when you're pregnant that's all you feel like doing!) and brunette would go great with the colors she's wearing.

Shining girl should have blond hair, would be set off nicely by the dress color, however background has a lot of yellow, so maybe a dirty blond? It would also be cute to give her a messy bun.

Last one should have black hair and, oh heck, just give her a messy bun, too, cuz that's what you do when you go out to pick apples!

Kathi said...

These are fabulous.

I think pregnant should have a sleek dark bob because she's wearing heels.

Light should have long auburn ringlets blowing in the wind.

Apple should have her blonde hair in a pony tail with a big floofy polka-dot bow.

KindleLover said...

I think long red waves tossed to the side for the first one, long blonde curls blown by the wind for the second one, and an artsy brown bob with a side part for the third one. :D

Lesley said...

Expectant Mom gets a loose brunette ponytail. Light Lady get Curly Red hair with a black stripe in it. Apple Lady gets a bob blonde bob with brown highlights tucked behind her ears. lol

Lindsay @ Diary of a Crafty Lady said...

It's funny, because the first two almost look like they have funky hair already, because of the background :)
Do you ever do curly hair? Not sure how that would work, but that might be cool on the first one. Blonde, curly.
I think a messy bun is great for the middle.
And I can imagine short cut on the apple tree girl - like your profile pic :)
Love your art!

Danielle Weiss-Raichel said...

Preggers-Curly kinky hair, blonde with brown highlights. Apple Miss- a Breezy shoulder cut wispy and brunette. Polka dots- an updoo-bun and red!

Lisa - papergrace said...

I love really funky, layered hair with lots of gradient colors. Red, brown & a touch of golden blonde. So fun!! :)