Monday, October 22, 2012

Ballerina Collage: Introducing Modern Girl Skinnies

We've got skinny mochas, skinny jeans and now I've been making skinny Modern Girls.
 They're 3.5 x 12 and I love how the new proportion changes the look and feel.
Working with a new size is so fun. It just helps my brain think about collage in a new way.

Here's my first, I call her Sascha.

Did you see I got to use my new Hexi stencil by Balzer Designs for TCW

Sorry the pictures are a little less than perfect, we're expecting a big snow storm and the light is terrible. So exciting though, SNOW!!!


Gez said...

Totally gorjuss skinnies... snow??!!! Ooooh, you are SO lucky.. keep warm xxx

Kim said...

Love her!! I am glad you are getting the snow and not us- I like it to wait till november at least :)

Elma said...

Oh I love her!! Will she be in your shop?? Enjoy the snow:)