Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mermaid Collage

I have been wanting to make a mermaid for a while now but I couldn't decide between a sweet, youthful mermaid, a scary one (the kind I think they would actually be if you made a creature half man and half fish) or a gorgeous siren who lures sailors to their death sort of gal. I think this style of art lends itself best to the first type so here we are.

Check out the glitter!

And if you're going to be a mermaid, you might as well be an undersea princess.

One interesting technical note,  I used a torn piece of paper as a stencil and did the edge distressing with spray paint instead of ink or acrylics. I kind of love the effect. Spray paint is my new favorite thing.

Did you see the Bombshell Stamps starfish in the bottom corners? One of my favorite things about Shannon's stamps are all the complimentary images that come in each set. They're always so versatile and handy.


Kim said...

Beautiful Nicole! I love how you are always experimenting and playing with new techniques and mediums. I almost always pick up a tip or learn something when I visit you :)

Carmen said...

She's fabulous and another excellent quote too. Spray paints are on my list of things I MUST try!