Saturday, October 6, 2012

World Card Making Day: Two for the Time of One

 Happy World Card making Day.

As you know, I like to be efficient and one of my favorite crafty habits is to make more than one of something if I've gone to the effort to haul all my supplies out. In the end you save time and money plus you usually get ahead a bit, especially if it's a card as you make the card you need and a second one for later.


My thanks (and possible apologies) to Kate Crane who was where I first saw the idea of cutting Hunk's head open to let his thoughts show.

And this one is for the Moxie Fab World "Love" challenge.


Alison said...

I Love both of these. So darn much. I think it was a brilliant concept. Your colors are striking as usual, and I love your sentiments.

Carmen said...

I love the idea of cutting the head open (in the best possible way...) I literally just found my Stampotiques yesterday when tidying my messy room - they are on my shelf on display now... must be a sign to play with them! Love these and love the thought behind them!