Sunday, October 7, 2012

Origin of a Christmas Card Design

When I saw a christmas card by Kristina on the Simon Says Stamp blog I fell immediately in love with it.  It was clean and simple but so elegant. 

So I ordered the supplies and tried to make sure it was easy enough my family could help make them with me. This always takes a few tries and a little tinkering.

Here's the original, as close to Kristina's as I could make it.

But it felt a little barren. So for the next card I added a sentiment:

Better, but how about kraft for #3?

Hmm. Washi doesn't pop on kraft... maybe cream? Yeah... cream. 

What do you think? Which style is your favorite? 

I loved this design so much I made some funkier ones...
posting soon :-)


Kristen said...

The kraft is my favorite, but I agree the paper doesn't pop. The cream is a good alternative. They are all gorgeous!!!

Carmen said...

I like the Kraft and the bottom one. Maybe a different strip of colour on the Kraft? Do love their simplicity :) You are putting me to shame with your Christmas preparations - just said in my most recent post how unprepared I am :P

Shell Oriold said...

I love the cream colored one Nicole, it still has that crisp ad cold feel to it like the white card. Very nice design!

Gez said...

Love them all especially the clean & classy white one with the sentiment, very stylish

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

These are fabulous! I really like the second one!

Kim said...

I love the Kraft one- but they are all wonderful:)

Gloria said...

I love how you have used the neg and positive to make these cards. Thanks for sharing.