Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Layout

It's fun doing baby layouts when your kid is twelve. Walking down memory lane, remembering how the squishy little fella smelled so good and how his smile was truly the highlight of my day.

Said child is in his room on time-out right now ... until he's older. But enough about that, here's the page:

This started out as a direct lift from the uber-talented Brenda Carpenter for thr title page of my 2009 album. I just wasn't feeling the coral and flowers with my large boys so I pulled off the pictures and title, rotated the page to it's side and added two baby pictures. I think it works better for me this way.

Did you see the ribbon treatment? I've been wanting to try that technique for ages but hadn't. I can see over-using this in the future *grin*

It's good to remember that if a sketch isn't working for you to try rotating it, replacing one large picture with a collage or two photos side by side etc.


Angela said...

It is so great to look back to when they were babies. Those were the days. :)

I noticed the ribbon right off. Looks great.

Mary C. said...

Love the ribbon. Trenton looks quite a bit different these days. They grow up way too fast.

CathyR said...

I love the ribbon. It looks great. Baby pages are so fun to do.

Claudette said...

love the ribbon also....

ps: finished the photo tag challenge on my blog, had so many better pictures I would rather have