Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CASE Yourself

In scrapbooking we call it a "scraplift" and in card making they call it CASE (Copy and Share/Steal Everything) - either way, the idea is taking someone else's work and either copying it outright or using it as inspiration for your own. Did you know you can lift your self? Yes you can!

Yesterday I made a blue card (scroll down to see a nice, clear, sun-filled picture) and really liked how it came together. So last night when I was making a LO I used my card as a guide for the LO design. Obviously the dimensions change but it's a great way to do some scrapping without having to pick colors, paper, embellishments etc.

Here they are side by side:

This technique is often done the other way, using your LO scraps to make a card, but people seldom take the next step and copy the design too. Try it, you might like the results.


Claudette said...

beautifully done...card and page

itsallrosi said...

this came out great - you're so clever!

Heather said...

fascinating.... love both

Unknown said...

Very nice!