Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Walls, Boys and Miss May

Anyone know what this is a picture of:

When you have boy children, or children for that matter, inevitably their knobby little knees take out all those beautifully rounded corners that the builder so nicely installed. What you are seeing in the above picture is all our interior corners being repaired and repainted. I know we could add moulding caps over all the corners but it really wouldn't suit our decor.

Speaking of decor, the back of our house has slowly morphed from expensively framed fresh advertising art to maps for school and Rock Band drum sets:

The nicer elements stopped fitting in as well so Chris and I thought it was time for a change so we did this:

It's a much better match for the rec room feel of that space.

In other news ~

* Shannon over at Bombshell Stamps asked me to be Miss May, you can see the whole design team here.

* Memory Makers picked up one of my layouts, it'll be out in their July/August issue.

Hopefully I'll get to make some cute stuff today and I'll post more later.


Tiff said...

ooooh! Congrats on Bombshell! AND I can't wait to see that layout in July! I agree, although my guys are little, I see all the corners in my home going too!

Shawnna Samples said...

Those are some FREAKIN AWESOME announcements!!!

Heather said...

Congrats! How exciting!!!

CathyR said...

Congratulations. How awesome to be on the design team and have a layout published.

itsallrosi said...

I love the wall art, and how you've hung the guitars. My daughter plays real guitars and I've been meaning to hang hers up.

and congrats on the toots!

Claudette said...

Congrats to all the success you are experiencing...well deserved.
Love your decorating style