Thursday, January 22, 2009

Making Hay While the Smog Chokes

*grin* Couldn't help myself. Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday. They were good for the spirit.

Since I was seriously limited in my mobility yesterday and the whole gasping for air thing was getting me down I decided to try to make something but only use what I could reach. I had a pad of Black Magic Core'dinations (In case you aren't familiar with Core'dinations, it's cardstock with a different colored core. I'd accidently bought the black magic pad which is all black with bright centers.), cuttlebug, a stack of images I'd stamped for other projects and my bag of recyclables for altering. Knowing I ruin everything I touch when I'm feeling this bad made playing with my trash a good choice.

I fetched my Sassafras Lass Hog Heaven page kit too. How I love those papers but cute pink stuff - or even cutesy blue stuff - just doesn't make it into my scrapbook pages so it was in the "okay to wreck" group. I sifted through my giant stack of stamped images I realized I needed a system. When I stamp I always make four or five of each image in case I mess up coloring. That usually means I get at least two spares per image. So far they'd been stacked in a "to do" pile. Not pretty. So I made this:

Pretty! And it follows my rule about making things pink if I want them left alone.

Then I decided to tackle my desire to have my Bombshell Stamps neatly organized and separate from my other unmounteds. I found a recipe folder in my junk bag made this:

I wanted to do the CPS challenge this week but was still stuck with what was within arms reach so I made this card for Sketch 79 with the core'dinations cardstock and an image I colored months ago:

All in all, I had a lot of fun and my house is a little more organized for the effort.


Anonymous said...

The mermaid is really pretty. I would never have guessed it was your trash. :-)

itsallrosi said...

I love the little book, and the card. I need a system for stamped images. They're in a pile and starting to get dog eared.

I got your card yesterday, thanks so much. It brightened my day, and the tooth abscess is much better.

CathyR said...

Good for you for turning trash into a treasure. I love your books and the card.

Lea L. said...

Love those Sass papers...some of my fave!

And your CPS card is very pretty! Thanks for reviewing with us this week!


Jess said...

That book is cute and I really like your card!

LittleMissFabulous said...

I love your blog and all the wonderful ways you reuse items to make something so beautiful.

I'm an artist at heart and I was wondering what you do with some of the flat artwork you make that's just lying around the house?

I found a place called So Simple Designs and they make stationary and other cool things out of your artwork. Here's the link:

I haven't gotten my stationary back yet, but I'll let you know how it turns out. In the meantime, I would love any tips on what to do with it.

take care,

Kathi said...

Oh man. Those are freakin' awesome. How clever to use your leftovers to make useful and gorgeous things!

I love them all!