Thursday, January 15, 2009

No Dedicated Craft Space? No Problem.

This cute flamingo has fallen into the same trap as I did in the leg-warmers, rainbow suspenders and headband era. LOL.

Dianne's pumpkin claire flamingo right 1685I is one of the Uber-cute stamps featured in the upcoming Odd Bird Planet Chinese New Year Sale. I also used the Trendy Pieces stamp and Pink Paislee Pop Fashion Paper.

Do you have dedicated craft space? I don't, but even ladies who do have a scrap room often end up working in the kitchen or living room sometimes. Then you run into gluey tables, having to clear everything up to make room for dinner... oh, the horror! As a gal who does all her crafts at the kitchen table, I got a little weary of packing up my kit and kaboodle every time a meal rolls around. I heard some ladies use blotters when they stamp for cushion and a light went off in my brain. Now this is what I do:

And here is why it's perfect:

1. No gluey, inky table
2. You can write assignments, contest/submission deadlines etc. right on the calendar
3. Nice cushion for stamping
4. Can pick it up and move it to a counter when we eat and then bring it back when we're done.
5. Trash stays in trash bucket, not all over the place.
6. When not in use, calendar can slide away easily in pantry.

Why two calendars? Because I do a lot of coloring with colored pencils and I need a smooth surface to work on. The pink blotter is for ink, stamping and coloring and the green one is for scrapbooking so it gets covered in paint, adhesive, holes from paper piercing etc. I usually just stack them up on the table (lots of cushion) and can switch them as needed.


CathyR said...

I love the card. It is so cute.

Using the calendar pads is a great idea. It makes clean up nice and easy. I have one of the big Offrey cutting mats on my table and I really like using it. It cleans up really well.

Teressa said...

Great idea!!!!! to bad you don't have a cabint like me,

Claudette said...

I really try but I'm most creative when my desk is a mess and I only work in that area.....but I do like the calendar pad idea.

ps: I scrapped my 12 on the 12th photo's, check it out when you have time. TFL

Perpetual Beginner said...

That flamingo is cute as heck.

My discovery of last month was that not only do I not have any dedicated craft space, but I actually have no space anywhere in the house that is mine. Right down to the pictures on the walls and the bedspreads, it all reflects somebody else's tastes and plans.

So this year's goals include making my desk (Rob's hand-me-down from a yard-sale) actually mine and functional, rather than a hodge-podge of my stuff with kid stuff and random other things - and to revamp it to make it pretty, rather than looking like the $10 yard-sale find it is.

Candace H said...

Great tip, Nicole! Will be looking for a calandar now...

Tiff said...

Love your idea! I use foam mats and the same large papers you find at Stampin up/ CTMH parties. But, YOUR suggestion provides a way for me to transport everything from the table to....i dunno, the closet?! ROFL! OH and I love your fashion tips card!