Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Zippy Laundry Room Decor

Hey everyone :-)

A couple of quick housekeeping things~

* I added picture links to my most popular tutorials along the right side of the page. Now you can find them without having to read through a list. Let me know if you like this better.

* My doc put me on 50% power for the next while. I am allowed to do exactly half of what I've been doing. Not more! So I am going to be blogging closer to 2-3 times a week instead of 4-6. I'm doing less, so there will be less to share. I have a bunch of big medical decisions to face in the next fifteen days so if you could keep me in your thoughts and prayers I would really appreciate it. My DH noticed I had no clear concept of "less" when I started cooking batches of freezer meals so I'd be prepared to do less. Apparently it doesn't count if you just do the work faster.

* I've given up my wonderful positions at Gauche Alchemy and Bombshell Stamps. It just kills me as I love both companies and really enjoyed my relationships with everyone. It's been too hard with me being stuck in bed, too shaky to stamp or make cards and too worn out from pain and meds to think clear enough to participate in a meaningful way. I'm incredibly grateful to the owners for being so supportive through this rough patch in my life. So... I'm just me now. No DT accolades. I can't tell people who scrunch up their face in disgust at my SAHM-ness that I "do design work for two creative companies" LOL. Just Nicole, nothing more, nothing less.

What I can do is wield a mad spray can :-)

My mom, aunt and uncle are coming for a visit and I haven't seen any of them in years. Since we moved into this house three years ago my health has been degenerating and it still has the bland look of a spec house and a barely moved into one at that. I am scrambling (well, 50% scrambling) to add a little personality to our house before they get here. We are working on our six month emergency fund so money is just as tight as it always is so I have to do this on the cheap.

Tip one:

Buy paint (spray or otherwise) in the colors of your decor so you always have it on hand. Since I am keying my accessories off of this fabric, I pick up the appropriately red, green, yellow and blue with those marvelous 40% off coupons - you know the ones I refer to:

My budget to spruce up the laundry room was under five bucks. I was just trying to add a little color. I found cabinet door fronts at Restore (Habitat for Humanity) for a dollar each. They were white so I didn't prime them; I just washed them thoroughly, scruffed them up a bit with sandpaper and spray painted them. I didn't worry about taping off the center area as the blackboard paint will cover the bright colors completely.

Next I painted the inside panel of the door fronts with blackboard paint left over from the Whiteboard Makeover. After conditioning the chalkboard I wrote laundry themed messages on them.

The door hinges are perfect spots to thread with ribbon for a hanger. To finish them off, after hanging I attached a matching bow to cover the bottom part of the picture hanger. 

Now we have a friendlier, albeit still in desperate need of paint, laundry room and it looks like we've lived here for more than a weekend.


Unknown said...

:: I had no clear concept of "less" when I started cooking batches of freezer meals so I'd be prepared to do less. ::

Bwahahahahaha! *snort* *giggle* *tries to catch a breath* *snort*

You don't say? No clear concept of 'less'?


Puzzling Poster said...

Awesome timing. I just posted about our laundry room renovation. While it's much better now ( I still needed some colour. I'm taking this idea! And good luck.

Meg said...

I am sending you warm wishes and I will be thinking about you the next couple of days. I know medical decisions are very hard to make, especially when it involves ourselves.

As for the laundry room...fab as always!

Lisalulu said...

Love the 50% less (mmm I'll have to try that one) and love the colored chalk boards! yummy

Alyssa S said...

These are great! You are so creative, talented and clever!
Sad to hear you won't be part of the Bombshells, but I'm sure Shannon will hold a spot for you!
Sending lots of healing light your way - silly spinal cords! Who needs 'em anyway! Hmph.

SuzieQ said...

Great job on the decor. Sometimes just being you is enough. ;)

Scrapamum said...

Great idea!!!

Dara Lynn said...

Nicole, I hear exactly what you are going through. I suffer daily with my back and cannot do the things I used to the end, it is just not worth it! Gave up a job and now on one income! Totally understand...but so worth it...your family and your health first. You will find a balance I promise. You are a smart girlie..talented..and will push through with decisions over the next 2 weeks. I understand..(nod, nod) it will be okay!

Maggi said...

I'm sorry you've had to give up the DTs (I know we already miss you tons!) and now have to bring it down another notch but hopefully this will be a short time of doing less in order to have a lifetime of doing more than you ever dreamed!

My thoughts and prayers are yours as always!

And that project is awesome! Now I have another thing to look for at the thrift stores. lol

Carmen said...

It just blows my mind that you aren't on the Bombshell DT anymore. I only found them through you and to me you are the pin-up girl of Bombshell Stamps... and always will be ;)

I'm glad though that you are putting you and your own health first - it sounds like it might be overdue. And to those face screwers (I know them so well!) you know what you have to say to them? 'SCREW YOU it suits you!' I try to justify my SAHMness too (oh I work for my OH, I'm a driver blah de blah blah. My Dad has taken over chauffeur duties so can't even say that now!) We have the bestest most important job in the world. As my Mum used to say... stick THAT up your arse and blow it out your ear! LOL!

ANNNNNNND finally. Thank you for those lovely linkies, I will be making use of them, I love your laundry room decor :P

chksngr said...

I stinkin' love that drop your pants sign! MAGNIFICENT! I'll be praying for you girlie!! GET BETTER!

Elizabeth R. said...

Loving your bright spots in the laundry room. You are so clever!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to do this in my bland laundry room!

I linked to this in my Friday Favorites!

Mima said...

Less isn't an easy concept, especially when there are so many things that you want to do. It will undoubtedly mean that you have to cheat on things in order to stay within your energy budget, but hopefully it won't be for long, and then you will be up and about again.

Loving your boards & the ribbons really top them off!!