Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Last night we went to Authorpalooza at Barnes and Noble. The event hosted 30 local Utah writers, including the guys from Damn Interesting - who I also have the pleasure of calling dear friends, Jason and Alan.

It was a neat event. Some of the authors were very pushy and others seemed to have their feelings hurt when we didn't buy there books. I'm guessing many of them hadn't built up a thick skin yet. I was pretty limp and shuffle-y, so I couldn't even make a quick getaway. LOL.

One thing that struck me was this mom waving signs and calling to everyone about how her fifteen year old son got published because he's TV-Free. I really didn't like how she turned his success into a big show of her fabulous parenting. It felt like she was trying to take credit, something all us parents have earned, and the timing was grossly inappropriate.

Here is a card I made for yesterday's CAD. I wanted to make a granny inspired card and I think I got the old lady vibe down pretty thoroughly. Now if I can make it smell like lint covered cough candies from the bottom of a purse I'll be set.


Laura O'Donnell said...

looks great! love how you sewed the flower edges

Anonymous said...

ROFL!!!! Mothers! Some moms are....whack! LOL!

Oh and I can smell the moth! GREAT creation!

CathyR said...

Love the granny card. If it was from my granny, it would have smelled like Clove gum. I found some in the store a couple of weeks ago and it brought back such good memories of her.