Thursday, August 13, 2009

Simple, Delightful Cards

Okay, calling your own work "delightful" is probably odd but these cards really do delight me in both their simplicity and the end result.

All you do is find a picture. In my case, I took these photos myself but if you're not so inclined, an amazing source of floral images is Stamping Mathilda, in addition to having one of the most inspiring blogs on the net, she offers beautiful free floral photographs at the start of each month.

Tip: Whenever you buy flowers quickly take a close-up shot using your macro setting. We bought pink daisies to place on the graves of Chris's Grandmas and that photo has been used in at least four projects.

Slice the picture into strips. Here I used one inch strips but you can vary the width for interest. Avoid too thin strips as they can break up the image and obscure it. Or not :-)

Sand all four sides of each strip. Attach to cardstock. Mount on patterned paper and then on your card.

Easy. Peasie. Pudding and Pie.

Here's the results:

I think clouds would make a great sympathy cards. And the daisies would be good for get well soon or a just because card.

Gauche Alchemy is having a giveaway on their blog. Check it out. Have you seen their new kit, Pitching a Tent? *Swoon*


Jennifer said...

LOVE this! I have a 'portfolio' of floral prints I have photographed. Will have to start doing this! Great idea!

MaryC said...

Love photos of flowers...and clouds...and cityscapes...and mountains...etc. etc. etc.
They make fab cards and you have done a great job shaking it up a bit.'
Love it.

Godelieve said...

LOVE your photo cards Nicole! They really are delightful :)
And the photos look great cut into strips.
I spend an hour photographing flowers every time I buy some ;)

CathyR said...

Love, love, love these. The cloud card is stunning. The pink daisies are so sweet. You have the best ideas.

take a little piece of my art said...

Awesome idea. I have yet to create a card using a picture. That cloud card is amazing. It makes me want to daydream!!

Steve Rodli said...

Good idea Nicole. Joyce

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Great idea.Thanks for sharing.