Monday, July 25, 2011

Behind You All the Way

My Mom's husband had a pretty severe stroke a few weeks back and I made this card for him to brighten his week. My cards for him are usually pretty cheeky as he has all the bible quotes and kittens he could possibly need from everyone else. I just want to make the man smile, and maybe chuckle a bit. 

Plus he knows I'm praying.

I used Raisin Boat's Undie's in a Bunch set - it's hysterical -  and Faber Castell's Aquarelle water color pencils. I tried to create that loose, messy watercolor look... but I may have missed the mark.

Either way, he's going to love it.

My sweet husband bought me a wonderful new lamp to go with our master bedroom redo. We were at an antique shop and he noticed it, knowing it would be just perfect.

I'm completely infatuated with it's cool, unusual, hugeness. Can't wait to get our room painted. 


Kim's Treasures said...

What a great card!!! I love that! I bet it made him laugh! I'm sure he really appreciated it too!

Great lamp! I love the white bottom!

kim c said...

cute, funny, thoughtful...what more could you want!

Juls said...

really fun card! it really made me smile! Hugs Juls

MaryC said...

Funny, witty card. I bet he 'cracked' up. Also, I am loving the lamp. said...

Aw I hope he feels better! That is an amazing card you made him - I'm sure that brought a smile to his face! Sooo cute and so unique too!