Thursday, July 14, 2011

Work in Progress: Free Piecing Wonky Houses

I don't usually post works in progress because they can really take away from the "ta-da" moment you get with a finished project. But I'm breaking form a bit today as I think actually finishing these will take a decent amount of time (or they'll get lost in my sewing basket and never be finished) and I'm excited by what I've made so far.

On House of Krom, Sarah posted an awesome wonky house for her free-piecing study and I was smitten. Yesterday one of my goals was to try something new I hadn't made the time for so, well, I did.

I used this PDF tutorial by Tonya to make my blocks.

Mine aren't really all that wonky... more like off-kilter at best.

Can you spot the giant mistake on this one? I had to do some mad improvising and ended up with a two-story house I'm pretty fond of. Gotta love that about crafting, mistakes are opportunities to try new things.

For each I added a strip of linen to stamp a quote onto and some borders. Next comes door knobs, yo-yo flowers and some embroidery. I think they're going to be fun... whatever they are :-)


Lesley Litrento said...

Love the fabric combinations. I have a quilt that is half done and sitting in a basket! Literally! I haven't worked on it in over 5 years!!! lol So, I get that concept!

MaryC said...

They look really FUN! Can't wait to see them finished.